How to hack WiFi using WPS WPA Tester?

WPS WPA Tester hack Wifi :- Hey, guys are you looking for an application to hack the Wi-Fi of your neighbors or your office or any public Wi-Fi, and then we are going to help you with this issue,  we are going to tell you the name of that application from which you can do all these stuff. WPA WPS TESTER is the name of that awesome application which is the solution for all your needs, this application is absolutely free and easy to use.

But you need to have ROOT ACCESS in your device to view the password of the hacked and previously saved WIFI’s; if you don’t want to root your device then you can connect directly through the application but you can’t view or save the password of that particular WIFI.

WPS WPA Tester hack Wifi

WPS WPA Tester hack Wifi


Downloading this app is pretty easy; you just have to visit play store or any third party website and download the apk from there. And then follow the installing instructions and it’s done.

Note -: Root access is required to make this application work at its best. You can read our other articles where we have written about how to root your device.

WPS WPA Tester hack Wifi

First of all, you have to download and install this application with ROOT ACCESS ENABLED. After that when you will open the application, the application will ask you for permission to open your WIFI and when you allow that the app will open your device’s WIFI. Then at the top, there will be Sync like button when you will click that button the app will search and show all the WIFI available at that location, select the one you want to hack and then click on yes when asked for permission. Now click on connect automatically with try all pin, if the device is vulnerable it will get connected and if the device is rooted then it will show you password also.

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